Yan Sun

Dr. Eng., Professor, Cheung Kong Scholar
Department of Biochemical Engineering,
School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,
Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, P. R. China.

Email: ysun@tju.edu.cn

Bachelor – 1983, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China (Chem. Eng.)
Master (M. Eng) – 1987, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (Chem. Eng.)
Doctorate (Dr. Eng.) – 1990, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (Chem. Eng.)

1990 – 1991        Soken Chemical Eng. Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
1991 – 1992        Lecturer, Dept. Chem. Eng., Tianjin University.
1992 – 1993        Associate Professor, Dept. Chem. Eng., Tianjin University.
1993 – present    Professor, Dept. Biochem. Eng., Tianjin University.
2000 – present    Cheung Kong Professor of the Ministry of Education of China, Tianjin University

Teaching Activities

Advanced Bioseparations (postgraduates, 1993-present).
Bioseparations Engineering (undergraduates, 1995-2000).
Principles and Applications of Bioaffinity Interactions (postgraduates, 1996-99).
Advances in Biotechnology (undergraduates, 2005-2010).

Research Area

       – Adsorption and chromatography
       – Affinity purifications
       – Protein ligands: screening and design
       – Aqueous two-phase systems
       – Reverse micelles
       Protein Refolding and Stabilization:
       – Development of folding aids and methods
       – Inhibition of protein aggregation
       – Design of molecular and nano-sized inhibitors for protein aggregation
       – Oriented antibody immobilization
       – Latex-enhanced immunoturbidimetry

Professional Activities

   Visiting Scholar, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, USA.
   Guest Scientist, Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Munich, Germany.
   Guest Scientist, GKSS National Research Center, Germany.
   Senior Research Fellow, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK.
   Visiting Professor, Dept. Chemistry and Biotechnology, Univ. Tokyo, Japan.
   Visiting Professor, Dept. Ind. Chemistry, Kyushu Sangyo University, Kyushu, Japan.

Memberships and Editorial

Associate Editor-in-Chief, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering (2012.1-)
Associate Editor, Biochemical Engineering Journal, (2002- )
Editorial Board, Journal of Chromatography A, (2007.9-).
Editorial Board, Separation and Purification Technology, (2006-).
Editorial Board, Recent Patents on Biotechnology (2007.1-)
Editorial Board, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering (2007.11-2012.12)
Editorial Board, Bioprocess Engineering, (1997-2001).
Editorial Board, The Chinese Journal of Process Engineering
Editorial Board, Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering
Editorial Board, Journal of Food Science and Biotechnology
Division Board of Biochem. Eng., Chemical Ind. Eng. Society, China.
Member, American Chemical Society (ACS) (2009-)
Member, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) (2010-)


- One single book: Bioseparations Engineering, 1st ed., 1998; 2nd ed., 2005; 3rd ed., 2013 (Chemical Industry Press, China);
- Two book chapters.
- 285 Research papers, 10 Review papers.
- 24 patents (two US patents)

Selected Awards

2012 – Second Class Natural Science Research Award, Ministry of Education of China
2011 – YABEC Award (Young Asian Biochemical Engineers' Community Award), Organizing Committee of YABEC 2011 and Asian Federation of Biotechnology, 2011
2005 – Supervisor of Top 100 Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award, China
2005 – Entitled Biochemical Engineering Expert of Tianjin
2004 – First Class Natural Science Research Award, Tianjin
2002 – Second Class Natural Science Research Award, Ministry of Education of China
2000 – National Natural Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scientists, Natural Science Foundation of China
1997 – National Award for Excellent Scholarship Studied Abroad, China