Xiao-Yan Dong

Dr. Eng., Professor
Department of Biochemical Engineering,
School of Chemical Engineering and Technology,
Tianjin University, Tianjin 300072, P. R. China.

Email: d_xy@tju.edu.cn

B.Sc. –1982, Department of Biochemistry, Qinghai Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Xining, China
M.Sc. – 1990, Graduate School of Agriculture, Shinshu University, Nagano, Japan
Dr. Eng. – 2005, Department of Biochem. Eng., Tianjin University, Tianjin, China
Research Interests

Protein refolding and purification
Protein stabilization
Genetic engineering

Professional Activities

1982 – 1986 Research Associate, Qinghai Academy of Veterinary Medicine
1986 – 1987 Research Fellow, Tokyo Institute of Agriculture and Technology
1990 – 1991 Research Fellow, High Separation Center, Soken Chem Eng Co, Tokyo
1991 – 1996 Lecturer, Department of Biochemical Engineering, TJU
1995 – 1996 Visiting Scientist, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University, Japan
1996 – 2002 Associate Professor, Department of Biochemical Engineering, TJU
2002 – present Professor, Department of Biochemical Engineering, TJU

Selected Publications
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  2. X.-Y. Dong, Y. Meng, X.-D. Feng, Y. Sun*: A metal-chelate affinity reverse micellar system for protein extraction. Biotechnology Progress, 2010, 26 (1): 150-158.
  3. X.-Y. Dong, L.-J. Chen, Y. Sun*: Effect of operating conditions on the refolding of his-tagged enhanced green fluorescent protein by artificial chaperone-assisted metal affinity chromatography. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2009, 48 (1): 65-70.
  4. X.-Y. Dong, J.-H. Liu, F.-F. Liu, Y. Sun*: Self-interaction of native and denatured lysozyme in the presence of osmolytes, l-arginine and guanidine hydrochloride.Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2009, 43 (3): 321-326.
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