Professor Gao-Wei Zheng Visited the School

    Professor Gaowei Zheng visited Tianjin University and LIMB on January 2nd, 2020 and gave a lecture on "Research on creation and application of high-performance enzyme catalyst". The performance of natural enzymes often cannot meet the needs of practical industrial applications, and it is urgent to create high-performance industrial enzyme catalysts. Professor Zheng and his group focused on two scientific issues: the relationship between the structure and function of enzymes, and the regulation of enzymatic reaction process, and carried out basic research on industrial enzyme creation and its application in chiral drug synthsis. Based on the computer-aided molecular modification, his group have achieved rational regulation and precise modification of the structure of amine dehydrogenase, imine reductase, alcohol dehydrogenase and other enzymes, significantly enhanced the activity and stability of enzymes, and broadened the range of substrates catalyzed by enzymes. A series of high-performance enzyme catalysts were created, and the problems of poor application performance and low reaction efficiency of natural enzymes were solved. His group also used the created high-performance enzyme catalysts with the concept of "borrowing hydrogen-returning hydrogen" dual enzyme catalysts to construct a new approach for the synthesis of chiral amines by multi-enzyme. Professor Sun and the LIMB members discussed with Professor Zheng about how to improve the thermal stability of enzymes and the catalytic activity on specific substrates and other issues about the rational design of enzymes. The academic communication would be beneficial to the scientific research in LIMB.