Professor Xin-Hui Xing Visited the School

    Professor Xinhui Xing visited Tianjin University and LIMB on April 28th, 2019 and gave a lecture on "Intelligent integrated biological breeding and high-throughput screening technology and equipment research". Efficient biological breeding methods and equipment research based on genomic system level mutations have become a hotspot and frontier in the field of biochemical industry, and are a supporting platform for biological breeding research and bio-industry development.


    Professor Xing introduced the research progress of atmospheric pressure room temperature plasma (ARTP) bio-mutation breeding and high-throughput screening/selection technology and equipment and its application, and looked forward to the future research direction of development intelligent integrated biological breeding technology and equipment. Professor Sun and the LIMB members discussed with Professor Xing about possible collaborations in protein science and engineering. The academic communication would be beneficial to the scientific research in LIMB.