Dr. Ping Wang Visited the School

    Invited by the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Dr. Ping Wang from the University of Minnesota visited Tianjin University on July 29th, 2013.
    Prof. Wang is an expert in the field of enzyme engineering and devotes himself to the microenvironmental transformation of enzyme. 

    Prof. Wang was warmly welcomed and well accommodated. With the accompany of D. Shi etc., he visited the laboratories of LIMB and was given an overall introduction of Tianjin University and LIMB.

    After the LIMB visit, Prof. Wang made a presentation titled "Cell Free Biosynthesis for Conversion of Carbon Dioxide" and gave the audiences an overview about the challenges and opportunities in developing cell free biosynthesis toward sustainable carbon capture and conversion. He displayed an alternative way to capture CO2 by applying isolated enzymes and exchanged academic opinions with Prof. Sun.

    At noon, a banquet was arranged for Prof. Wang, After the banquet, Prof. Wang left Tianjin. His visit will benefit both two universities.