Professors Sun and Dong Attended the 9th Japan-China Symposium on Chemical Engineering

    Invited by the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ), Professors Sun and Dong attended the 9th Japan-China Symposium on Chemical Engineering from March 13-15 in Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. Professor Sun was a member of the Organizing Committee and addressed as an invited speaker on "Inhibition of Amyloid β-Protein Fibrillogenesis: A Story about HyBER Theory." Professor Dong presented a recent research on "Multifunctional D-Enantiomeric RTHLVFFARK-NH2 on Inhibiting Cu2+-Mediated Amyloid β-Protein Aggregation and Cytotoxicity." During the symposium, Prof. Sun dropped by the University of Tokyo again after 10 years of his last visit in 2008.


    Professor Sun was particularly happy to see Prof. Shintaro Furusaki, Emeritus Professor of the University of Tokyo, and Mrs. Kazuko Furusaki during the symposium. Professor Furusaki was the supervisor of Y. Sun when he was studying in the University of Tokyo from 1984 to 1990. It was the 80th birthday of Prof. Furusaki last January; Profs. Sun and Goto (Kyushu University, Japan) edited a special issue in Biochemical Engineering Journal to celebrate the 80th birthday of Prof. Furusaki (see

    In the evening of March 15, Prof. Furusaki and Mrs. Furusaki invited Professors Sun, Dong and Liu (Tsinghua University) to dinner at Restaurant Umenohana (Plum Blossom) in Ginza. They had joyful chatting in addition to the delicious and elaborate Japanese cuisines.