Professor Middelberg and His Team Visited LIMB (10/11-10/15/2010)

    Professor Anton Middelberg and his research group from the University of Queensland, Australia visited Tianjin University and LIMB from Oct. 11 to 15.

    A colloquium was convened for the scientific exchanges and cooperation between the Tianjin team and UQ team. In this colloquium, professor Sun gave a welcome word and an overall introduction of Tianjin University and LIMB. Professor Middelberg also introduced the University of Queensland, followed by a presentation entitled “Engineering Biomolecular Systems”. The cooperation on a NIRAP project about the self-assembly process of virus-like particles was adequately discussed.

    After the colloquium, professor Middelberg and the UQ team visited the laboratories of LIMB and several other research groups in the School of Chemical Engineering in Tianjin University.
    Then, the guests from the University of Queensland visited the School History Museum of Tianjin University.
    At night, the UQ team enjoyed a welcome banquet hosted by professor Sun, and had delicious Chinese food. After discussion in details for a week, the UQ team left Tianjin University in Oct. 15. The academic communication would be beneficial to the scientific research in LIMB.