Mr. Robert and Novozymes Group Visited the School

     Mr. Robert and Novozymes Group visited Tianjin University and LIMB on November 18th, 2014.

     Warmly welcomed and with the company of Dr. Qing-Hong SHI and Dr. Lin-Ling YU, Mr. Robert and Novozymes Group visited the laboratories of LIMB and several other research groups in the School of Chemical Engineering in Tianjin University.

    In the afternoon, Mr. Robert Pieter van de Lans gave an introduction to Novozymes and Dr. Qing-Hong SHI gave an introduction to LIMB. Then, Dr. Zhenwei LI and Dr. Lin ZHANG gave lectures on "MD simulation of formate for enzyme stabilization" and "Biomimetic Design of Platelet Adhesion Inhibitors to Block Integrin α2β1-Collagen Interactions", respectively. The LIMB members discussed with Novozymes members about possible collaborations in protein science and engineering. The academic communication would be beneficial to the scientific research in LIMB.