LIMB in Asian Congress on Biotechnology 2011

    Professor Y. Sun and other 10 members of LIMB were invited to attend the Asian Congress on Biotechnology 2011 (ACB-2011) from May 11 to 15.

    Prof. Sun was invited to chair the morning session of Session A, Bioprocess Engineering, on May 14, and gave a presentation. His report was entitled “Protein Refolding Greatly Facilitated by Like-Charged Ion-Exchange Beads”. His talk attracted great interests of the audience and active questions and comments followed.

    Dr. Fufeng Liu and Dr. Lin Zhang, gave oral presentations. Their researches were both performed by molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Liu’s presentation was about “Molecular Interaction of Aβ17-42 Pentamers Probed by Molecular Simulation” and the report of Zhang was on “Molecular Insight into Thrombus Formation: A Molecular Dynamics Simulations”.

    Three PhD students, Guangjie Han, Bo Huang and Guozhen Wang, performed oral presentations. All of them gave nice presentations and discussed with other researchers during the congress.

    Four PhD students, Linling Yu, Na Zhang, Shihui Wang and Wenjie Du, showed their posters. Many participants were interested in their research and discussed with them.

    Finally, we are very pleased to announce that Na Zhang received the Best Poster Award in the poster award competition. Congratulations! Her research subject was on “Molecular Insight into the Counteraction of Urea-Induced Protein Denaturation by Trehalose”.